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The Best Start for Your Family

Postpartum Services: My Services


As a postpartum doula- trained by CAPPA, I have studied for countless hours to provide evidence-based information and support to families. I help parents stay calm and confident throughout the postpartum and newborn stage. I can help with infant sleep, breastfeeding positions and latching, swaddling, bottle feeding, diapering, babywearing, postpartum recovery, family organization, preparing meals, laundry, dishes, and expectations for the newborn stage. I can also provide newborn care so that parents can take care of themselves, get some rest, or simply relax. You can ask me endless "is this normal?" questions, and I can put your mind at ease.
If I don't have the expertise, I will connect you with people who do.


  • Greater success with breastfeeding

  • Increased bonding with infants

  • Less incidence of abuse

  • Decreased risk of postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Greater overall confidence in parenting

  • Less crisis = more confidence


First Weeks Home

  • 5 in-home visits over the first 2 weeks

On-Going Doula Care

  • A flexible package tailored to you

  • 6 weeks, 3 months, or 6 months of services

Virtual Postpartum Doula service

  • A 1-month package including 5 virtual sessions (video calls)


Postpartum Plan

Make a plan for the postpartum period. We will discuss all that parents and babies need to recover and have a successful and supported first month(s) home.

Prepare for baby

Review everything that happens in the first 4 months. I will share options and information on topics like diapers, clothes, safe sleep spaces, bathing, breastfeeding supplies, bottles, and baby products.

The First Year

I will share options and information to be prepared for anything happening after the newborn stage, in the first year of life. This may include crawling, walking, communicating, starting foods, sleeping, and more.

For a full list of everything covered in each consultation, or for more information, send me an email at

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